Patriot’s Aaron Hernandez possible suspect in murder

June 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

The pieces are still coming together on whether Aaron Hernandez had anything to do with the murder of Odin Lloyd; a 27 year old man who was found in a car with a bullet wound to the back of the head just a mile from Hernandez’s home. His body was found near a car rented to Hernandez. Lloyd was dating Hernandez’s girlfriend’s sister. The local police department has already searched the home of Hernandez for three days now. They have confirmed that Hernandez’s security system was intentionally smashed, his cellphone was smashed and a cleaning crew was at his residence on Monday. This all sounds way too suspicious for Hernandez not to be a suspect in this murder. Maybe he didn’t kill Odin Lloyd, but it does sound like he was in some way involved in his death.

To make matters worse, a man named Bradley has filed a lawsuit in Palm Beach County stating that Hernandez shot him in the face after an argument in February. At the time of the incident, Bradley refused to cooperate so no criminal charges were filed. Did Aaron Hernandez promise to pay Bradley a large sum of money and then back out? Is that why Bradley is now going after Hernandez in civil court? I can’t think of another reason why all of a sudden Bradley is taking Hernandez to court.

Who knows what will come of all of this. The one thing I do know is that this is terrible news for the New England Patriots, who already are dealing with injuries to their other star tight end, Rob Gronkowski. There is a possibility that Gronk won’t be ready for the start of the season due to forearm and back surgeries. If neither Gronkowski nor Hernandez are able to start the season, then say ‘hello’ to a new AFC East Champion. I don’t think the Patriots could win without those two goliaths running routes on Sundays. My guess would be that the Miami Dolphins, who during this offseason signed major free agent receiver Mike Wallace, would win the AFC East.

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